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How do hotels at Mahabalipuram increase their guest survey response rate?

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Tourism is one of the largest developing sections of the service providing industry. One important outcome of this section is the customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s point of satisfaction or dissatisfaction measures the success of the of the various businesses sectors in the industry. Wit ... read more

Recent Inevitable Changes In The Hotel Industries

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The hotel industry is changing rapidly due to change in technology day by day. The main aim of this article is to focus on the client’s perception of the latest marketing communication and technology solution within the hotel industries. Change is constant everywhere, especially in the hotel indus ... read more

Why ECR Hotel Managers are Investing in Modern Technologies?

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With modern technologies and innovations in the hotel industry, many managers prefer hi-tech solutions for many hotel appliances which are helping in reducing various redundant costs. Mobile applications which are customized as per the hotel needs can be an effective market strategy as well as help ... read more

Are ECR Hotels Ready For Voice Technology?

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In the past three decades, the travel and tourism industry has peaked more than anybody would've ever anticipated. And this growth is directly proportional to the growth of the hospitality industry. Tourism hot-spots are full of hotels and lodgings competing to satisfy the ever-increasing expectatio ... read more

Top 5 Reasons How Hotels In ECR Can Change Customers Perspective!

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How can automation technology used in hotels improve guest service? Is it possible to make customer or guest service more contemporary, personalized and convenient using automation technology? Well, hotels in ECR are ready to prove this claim. Wondering how! Just read this article. Today, no ... read more