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5 Ways to make sure you are booking the right hotel in ECR

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In the last few decades, Indian tourism has seen a massive rise in its industry. And that’s obvious, as India is filled with tourist destinations throughout its mainland as well as the islands on both sides of it. And one of those many tourist destinations is the East Coast Region which is commonl ... read more

Top 7 Reasons to visit Hotel Mamalla Heritage at ECR, Chennai.

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East Coast Region or the ECR part of India is something of which every countryman can feel proud of. Not only the climate is a soothing one but the locale and environment of the region is such that you’ll feel like coming back there yet again. With the passage of time and the rise in the tourism i ... read more

Things you should expect from the 3-star hotels in ECR

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Going on a vacation or tour is something that can make your day. These days, people face a lot of stresses and tensions in their day to day life. In order to get out of those things, they can go for a vacation. When it comes to going on a vacation, accommodation matters a lot. Without accommodation, ... read more

Why do people love to visit beach resorts at Mahabalipuram?

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Beach resorts are the perfect getaway destinations for a vacation away from the stressful monotonous life. Beach resorts have become the place to be to thoroughly enjoy your holiday in the sun with friends and family. Mahabalipuram has always been a tourist hotspot because of its location and the an ... read more

How do hotels at Mahabalipuram increase their guest survey response rate?

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Tourism is one of the largest developing sections of the service providing industry. One important outcome of this section is the customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s point of satisfaction or dissatisfaction measures the success of the of the various businesses sectors in the industry. Wit ... read more